A Shelf Full Of Books

My guilty pleasure are books. I love buying books, filling my bookshelf and get super excited to start a new book. My evenings tend to end with diving into a story, and if it’s a really good book, I’ll try to prolong reaching the end of it. And every time I go to the mall,…

A Smitten Kitchen

The kitchen – my little factory and the hub of my culinary creations. I’ve recently begun to enjoy spending time in the kitchen, making the effort to cook up something light and healthy. I’ve also come to realize how much effort also goes into ensuring that my kitchen stays organized, neat and stocked with everything…


Home, health, life – it all starts from within.

Home Sweet Home

I recently moved into a new house, and as exciting as it is to settle in all over again, the move itself wasn’t easy. After headaches with real estate agents, transferring and setting up basic home services, I was finally able to start the process of unpacking boxes and creating my new home. And I…

Get Rid Of These Items

You might not be a hoarder, but let’s face it, everyone accumulates odd bits. They get thrown at the back of closets, the bottom of drawers, in that pen holder on your desk, forever to be forgotten. Well, forever isn’t infinite. And we all need that extra space. So why not do a bit of…


If you want to achieve something, then start doing. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Tips For Keeping A Good Calendar

We’re all busy. Everyone has a lot of stuff to do, but not everyone is on top of things at all times. Though many of us are successful at effectively multitasking, others are not. My five cents: get a better calendar. A calendar is a multitasker’s BFF, especially when used well. Such a no-brainer, right? Your…

Finding The Bag That Works For You

Dear women who work, this one’s for you. What’s your favourite work bag? Do you stick with one bag or do you switch it up from day to day? The thing with work bags, is that they need to work for us. Whatever your work style, especially if you’re frequently on the go, between the…


Avoiding clutter is simple. Put things back from where you took them and give everything a place; that’s all you need to be clutter-free.

Tips To Exercise Your Routine

I am an enthusiastic gym-goer. I get pumped up and energized by working out, but sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated. Whether you’re looking to start exercising or need to switch up your workout, here are some tips that I’ve found useful in spicing up my workout and avoiding falling into the routine trench. 1….

Dress Up Your Look The Evening Before

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, eyeing your clothes, wondering which will be the ones you’ll wear today? I definitely have, and I’ve been guilty of wasting time trying on outfit after outfit, creating a pile on my bed. Once or twice I’ve even been late to work because of it. That…


When decluttering your space, keep this in mind. If an item means nothing to you, there’s no need to hold on to it.